Enrich Your Dreams

Dreamscovery is the smart sleep mask designed to help you living your dreams! Be An Early Dreamer

Lucid Dreaming

It's the ability to become self aware in your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming is a scientifically proven skill, requests various levels of effort and can be achieved by everyone.

How It Works

REM Detection and Dream Recognition

The mask discovers when you are dreaming through an IR diode coupled with a phototransistor placed your closed eyelids. The eye moves behind the eyelid varying the amount of IR light reflected back to the phototransistor.

Visual Stimulation

Embedded LED lights flash only while you are dreaming helping you become conscious. The lights are strong enough to be seen through your closed eyelids and in your dream, but not strong enough to wake you up.

What Scientists Say

Stephen LaBerge (Stanford University)

In a lucid dream the dreamer is aware, during the course of the dream, that the experience is a mental construction, not derived from current sensory experience of the physical environment.

Stephen LaBerge and Lynne Levitan (Stanford University)

Lucid dreaming is a learnable, but difficult skill. Consequently, we have sought methods for helping dreamers to realize that they are dreaming by means of external cues applied during REM sleep, which if incorporated into dreams, can remind dreamers that they are dreaming. Here we report on an experiment testing the validity and effectiveness of a portable computerized biofeedback device designed to deliver light cues during REM sleep.

Despite the fact that the phenomenon of lucid dreaming was known since the times of Aristotle (see Aristotle, 2007), only 30 years ago it was successfully verified in a sleep laboratory by measuring eye movements during REM sleep corresponding with dreamed gaze shifts (Hearne, 1978; LaBerge, 1980; LaBerge, Nagel, Dement, & Zarcone, 1981). Since then, numerous studies have been conducted and research (overview: Erlacher & Schredl, 2008) indicates that lucid dreaming is mainly a REM sleep phenomenon, although it can also occur during NREM sleep (see Dane, 1984).

User Experiences


Lucid Dream! It had reached me, eventually. While I normally dreamed I was interacting with different people into a room. Suddenly I felt my eyes opening. I understood: I'm dreaming and I'm lucid!!


So first when I went to bed, I sort of just asked myself “Can I have a lucid dream tonight?”, and then I did it. “Oh hey, I’m dreaming!” So I tried flying, and it worked much better than last time.


I was swimming in either a lake or an ocean or not sure but I had been under water for an abnormally amount of time. Knowing that humans can’t breathe underwater, I realized that I was dreaming. So I kept fucking around in the ocean just swimming and stuff but then an alligator bit my leg. He was dragging me down to the ocean floor but I gave myself super strength and ripped his head right of his body. Then I woke up.


I realized I was sleeping and walked into the street, my left arm lifted on its own instinct and a web flew out of my veins. In an instant I was spider man but it was really hard to web sling so I kept hitting into the buildings. About a minute of zipping from building to building I woke up.

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